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Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
is -- a lot of people are getting worried that have been in the stock for a long time about the taxes next year, the headlines, sell, sell, sell, old newspapers, business daily, so taking profits. simple. >> joe terranova was sitting right where you are yesterday, that he had trimmed the timing certainly seems to be -- >> there's no rush to buy, is the bottom line. >> the technicals don't look that good, absolutely that's the case, but in addition to that, the stock has missed earns two straight quarters. you need to see apple perform in the coming quarter. >> you buy it here? >> i think a lot of this stuff gets important, but the chatter about the firm today, how much apple could be sitting number one. what we're doing here is taking price and trying to retrofit it with fundamental reasons where maybe some don't exist. a lot of it is mechanical, as some of the other guys have mentioned. with huge gains, you have uncertainty in terms of what the tax ramifications are to hold this into january, so why not trim, especially giving the b bottom that this stock has had. it had a huge snap back.
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm EST
redemptions we think they are over. the blow up redemptions the people that are worried about taxes going up next year they seem to have passed, as well. the long exposure has gone down from say plus 50% net long to down about 30. that is primarily because people are worried about the fiscal cliff. we don't think that the outcome is completely negatively priced into the market. that is more or less where we stand on that. i do think that there is a couple of great trends for next year which includes europe with the recovery there as it relates to corporate restructuring and banks selling assets. and we also think that there will be funds like john paulson's recovery fund to do well. >> as we head into the end of the year, is there no chase per performance? is there no pressure on the part of hedge funds to make up for that in the last few weeks of the year? >> there is no question that there is pressure. i think that you saw net long exposure widen out and get into the 50s but with the rhetoric coming out of washington now if you asked me three weeks ago if i thought a deal was going to get
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
abroad will be less vulnerable to taxes going up because more of their shareholders are not exposed to tax rates. it's a name by name basis and we like in part for its own defense business but also gulf stream is a very attractive asset that has a lot of exposure to the emerging markets with a big backlog. >> wondering, in terms of whether we go over the fiscal cliff. he says if we go over the cliff for even a matter of two months, we could see unemployment tick as high as 11%. and even though you're a long-term investor, at some point, you may look at the macro environment and say it's time to reduce some positions, at what point do you reach that tipping point? >> that's a great point. i'd be very sproized if two months resulted in an unemployment increase from 8% to 10%. i find that hard to reconcile. if we go over the fiscal cliff and there's no deal for the course of the year, we will absolutely be in another recession, no question about that. but going over the cliff for a month, it will hurt confidence, it will keep businesses on the sidelines, investors on the sidelines. it
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
has been falling, people selling ahead of the fiscal cliff, fearing capital gains, tax hike, fear that china mobile will take longer to start selling the iphone given it's already picked up nokia's latest lumia. reports apple is asking for fewer iphone 5 parts from suppliers and people wrapping that in with fears apple is losing phone market share to android and dealing with compressed margins from ipad mini and other products. as a reporter covering the company i wonder if some of us have crossed over to irrational despondency on apple. tim cook set a high bar in revenue for the quarter, he just had a big opportunity to drop a hint in interviews with nbc's brian williams and bloomberg "business week." so far it seems he didn't do that. iphone 5 supplies coming into balance available to ship in two to four business days online. ipad mini demand outstripped supply which could mean margins are better than apple projected. there are open questions on the pro and con side of apple but the most important ones, these questions can apple ramp iphone supply ahead of the quarter and will d
Dec 2, 2012 6:00am EST
and that is irrespective on the tax laws on dividends. although, clearly, if you think there is potential they will change they should be doing it now. >> we should note that scott has a web extra on how to spot dividends. better log on to that. >>> time for the upside call where we take a look back on winning trades and give you the next move. a couple weeks back when apple shares were in free fall, mike khouw made a bullish trade. the call has been pure genius. >> on "options action" it is how we make genius trades. risk less to make more and that is what mike did with his bet on apple. mike was on the fence about going long the tech giant before his personal hero came on the show. >> i do think the action this morning was classic short term bottom. >> wow mike thought. if he's going in on apple, so am i? but there was a problem. buying 100 shares would set him back over $50,000. >> wow! >> so to avoid ponying up that kind of cash mike sold the december strike put and collected $21. to keep all of that money mike needs apple stock to stay above that price through december expiration. of course, there is
Nov 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
. >>> with the fiscal cliff approaching, people worry about having to pay a higher tax rate, i get that, but when you can snag high-quality stocks that yield more than 5%, i'm all ears. that's one of the reasons i want to tell you about health care trust of america, a newly minted real estate trust that owns medical office buildings. hga is a very defensive stock. unlike retail reits, it's levered to a sector, health care, that just does fine when the economy goes in recession. look, it's a real possibility if we go off the cliff. plus we have a limited supply of medical office space. this is a nice, steady business. let's take a closer look with scott peters. mr. peters, welcome to "mad money." >> thank you for having me. >> i try all the time to find companies that might be beneficiaries of the affordable health care act. i stumbled on you guys. you're the one? >> we think we are. we've been fortunate. health care systems are now running like businesses. with 30 to 40 million more insured coming up, they need the most affordable location to off those services. those are mobs, they're on campus, and
Search Results 66 to 71 of about 72